Feels like a long time since we’ve done a tipster brief, as we haven’t had a huge load of content up on the site. We have however recently held an interview with the BBC for a programme they are doing focusing on online tipsters. It was very interesting and hopefully we provided some solid information for them to help towards their programme. I will keep you all up to date on the progression of this.

In today’s Tipster Brief we will be looking at:

  • Finding the right tipster for you
  • 5 Ways you can spot a BAD tipster
  • We Need Your Help!


Finding the Right Tipster for You 

Finding a tipster that suits your needs is never an easy task. It can take a lot of time, effort and money. A lot of people simply rely on trial and error hoping they will eventually come across that gem of a tipster. This can be an extremely frustrating process, so we’re looking to discuss how to simplify this process and find one that is perfect for you, making following the tipster much more enjoyable!

To pick the right tipster(s) you firstly need to breakdown exactly what it is you are looking for. As yourself a few questions.

  1. Are you willing to pay for a tipster?
  2. Is there a particular sport you want tips for?
  3. In-play, pre-match or both?
  4. Are the tips posted at consistent enough times that work for you?
  5. Are you happy to follow more than 1 tipster at a time?

I was going to put point 6 as, are they profitable? But I feel as though this is a silly question! It’s important to ask these questions and at least mentally answer them so you can filter out the tipsters who aren’t for you. You can also take a look at our different categories to see if any of the tipsters we have reviewed take your fancy. This should make the process of finding the right tipster for you much easier and painless!

Once you have established this and have a good idea what you are looking for, it’s now time to be more specific. Your best bet is to give a few a follow, without necessarily placing the bets. Just keep an eye on them and see how their style suits you. If they are a premium tipster, maybe enquire as to whether they will give you a trial. If not, you’re welcome to ask us for a review and we will try to get it done as soon as possible. From here, it should be plain sailing. If you like what you see, give them a follow! Let them know you’re there, I know tipsters appreciate knowing who is actually on their tips and who isn’t!

As always, if you are unsure about a tipster we are always happy to give our own opinion. With new accounts appearing all the time on Twitter, we might not know all of them, but will certainly give them a glance and give our initial opinion.

5 Ways To Spot a BAD Tipster 

  1. Constant Affiliate Links – Are they spamming out tips with affiliate links 24/7? You’ve got a good reason to be concerned. Are they only finding tips to justify posting the links with them?
  2. Deleting Tweets – Goes without saying really, but if the losing tips mysteriously disappear from their timeline, you know it’s time to click the unfollow button!
  3. No Profit/Loss Record – Every tipster should be able to provide a profit/loss record. If they can’t, there’s no real reason why you should be investing your money based on their advice. If they were making so much money, they would want to have the proof to hand to back up their claims.
  4. Moaning at the Team who Lost Them a Bet – Probably the thing that frustrates me the most, when a tipster tags a teams Twitter page and abuses them because they caused their bet to lose. I seriously cannot stand this. Do they not ever think that the bet lost because it was a poor selection? Of course not, it’s always bad luck…. *Sigh*
  5. Only Posting Odds for 1 Bookmaker – It’s so easy to have a quick look on odds checker and find the best odds, yet some tipsters fail to do this. It’s a quick way to lose out on extra value and decrease your potential profits. In my opinion, there are no excuses.

The list really could go on, but it’s a simple way to allow you to filter the good from the bad. I would’t expect any professional tipsters who take their page seriously to be doing any of the above!

We Need Your Help

As many of you know we are running a tipping competition for the upcoming Euro 2016. We initially were looking to make this £10 to enter and all of the money will go towards cash prizes to the winners. However after not many people seemed keen on this, we have decided to run a poll on Twitter to establish whether our followers would prefer the competition to be free, with the prize being pride, or paid with a cash prize. It would be hugely appreciated if you could pay us a quick visit @CasualGamblerEV to give us your opinion!

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