It’s Saturday, and what a brilliant bank holiday weekend we’ve got lined up for us. Plenty of sports to get involved in, a Champions League Final! I think my head is about to explode.

Here’s what we will be discussing in today’s edition of The Tipster Brief

  • A Message from Casual Gambler – Why we can’t Shoutout Every Tipster
  • Spotlight On: Greyhound Tipsters
  • What’s On?


A Message From Casual Gambler: Why we can’t Shoutout Every Tipster who Asks

Rather than explaining it to every tipster who asks, I feel it’s necessary to quickly mention this.

We get asked a lot, pretty much every day, by many different tipsters to give them a RT or a shoutout after they have won a few bets in a row, or simply to help them grow. I don’t at all have a problem with people asking, it’s completely understandable to want to have more people following your tips. However, as you can tell just by looking over our timeline, we don’t do this for every tipster.

Now, the reason why. It’s not because we’re horrible people or are trying to ignore you, the simple reason is, if we were to do it for every single tipster who asked, our opinion would become less valid. The purpose of our page is to find good, profitable tipsters who will be able to provide a long term profit for our followers. This requires us to spend a lot of time following tips, understanding betting patterns and getting a grasp of how a tipsters’ service works and what use it will be to their followers. When we recommend a tipster, or give them praise, we want it to be useful to our followers who rely on us to find good tipsters.

Don’t get me wrong, winning 10 bets in a row or making over £100 over the past week is a good achievement and I am by no means taking this away from anyone. However successful betting relies on much more than this. Results are everything, but a weeks worth of results often does’t truly represent a tipster’s long term profitability. When we give shoutouts, we are confident that our followers will make money if they decide to check the tipster out for themselves.

Hopefully, in the near future if you are a profitable tipster we will get around to reviewing you. Once we have done that, if we feel it necessary we absolutely will support you and try to help you grow. Again, the main reason for this is because we know that people rely on us to find them good tipsters, therefore we make sure we have complete confidence in the tipster before we start recommending them.

I hope anyone who has asked or is looking to in the future understands our stance. We are always happy to help and any questions you have please do not hesitate to get in touch!


SPOTLIGHT ON – Greyhound Tips:

Decent Greyhound tipsters are never easy to find. There aren’t many around on Twitter, however a while back we reviewed @TheGreyhoundTip who achieved a solid score and looked to be in our eyes, a good greyhound tipster. He’s one we have been keeping an eye on for a while now to see how the account progressed.

Recently, he has brought more structure to his page which is always nice to see. As of a couple of days ago he has started tracking his profit/Loss which I’m sure it will be a huge help to him. He has also introduced a nice looking staking plan that is straight forward to follow.

The past 2 days he has made profits of 9.35 units and 11.5 units and I hope even if a few losing days come he will continue posting the results and remaining transparent. It’s good to see an account with this potential heading in the right direction and we certainly will be keeping an eye on him to see how the next few months pan out, as these could be the most important!

Do you follow any good Greyhound Tipsters? If you do please let us know so we can check them out!


What’s On?

It’s a tasty Saturday for the gamblers amongst us. (Silly thing to say, that’s pretty much all of us). There’s sporting action all over the board for us and this is what we can enjoy today!

Horse Racing 

Afternoon meetings from Beverley, Catterick, Chester, Cartmel, Haydock and Navan

Evening Meetings at Ffos Las and Salisbury


The Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid at the San Siro.

The Championship Play-off final between Hull and Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley


Day 2 of the test match between England and Sri Lanka


The BMW Championship and Wentworth continues into moving day. Willett remains the favourite as he is now tied for lead. Today will prove to be a huge day for the eventual winner


The French Open continues as we are nearing the final. Clay specialist Rafael Nadal has had to pull out due to a wrist injury, opening the competition up completely. Can recent winner Andy Murray do enough to lift the trophy this year?


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a brilliant Saturday

All the best,