The weekend is over and bank holiday Monday is upon us. It’s been a great sporting weekend with the Champions League final going all the way to penalties and Jordan Spieth getting yet another PGA Tour victory under his belt.

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for The Tipster Brief today:

  • SPOTLIGHT ON – @TheFourFoId
  • Tipsters With a Large Following
  • What’s on?



TheFourFoId is a new Tipping page that has been put together by 4 well respected individuals who will all be tipping on the same website. The four people who are running this are:





It should be an interesting page to keep an eye on and I’m sure many of you have come across these accounts before. Everything they are doing is for free and they won’t be affiliated either according to their bio. It will be interesting to see the dynamics of this and if it is a success. Teaming up can never be a bad thing as you can put all of your brains to the test. I personally am very interested to see if they will be profitable over the long run. A lot would suggest they will be as from experience I understand they all work hard and do put the effort into their tips.

It’s in the very early stages at the moment and the account is pretty much brand new. I can see they are also in the process of designing a website as well so that will be interesting to see. I’ll be keeping a keen eye on them and will always be happy to provide my honest opinion as always should anyone ask for it. But it’s an exciting prospect for both all 4 of the tipsters and also the followers they all have at the moment. Good luck to them!


Tipsters With a Large Following – Don’t Jump Straight In

When you see a tipping account with a huge number of followers, it’s very easy to assume they must be great and dive straight in following their tips. Most of the time they’ll have outrageous claims that will be so far off the truth and they will block any follower immediately who dares question their excellence. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before following, well any tipster, but even more importantly those with an usually large number of followers.

Are the followers real? It’s so easy to buy followers for your Twitter account and this seems to be quite a popular thing to do for tipsters. It doesn’t cost much and you will have thousands of followers overnight. You can run a few simple follower tests if you search them on Google and that looks to tell you how many of the followers are real and how many fake. You can normally just tell yourself by how many interactions they are getting. If they have 20k followers, it seems a bit strange to see only 2 people like their winning tip celebration.

Are the same accounts liking/Retweeting everything? Again, another way they think they will gain trust is by having quite a few retweets or likes. This is why it is important to take a look at who has liked their tweets to see if they’re legit. You’ll often find it to be a number of ‘egg accounts’ who don’t tweet anything at all, or it will be their 14 other pages retweeting it.

Do they have a P/L? Something that every tipster should have, but it should be even more important for the large accounts to have them. If they do are they verified? Most likely not, so now it’s just time to use a bit of common sense. What are they claiming to have made. If they think they’ve made over £100,000 in the past month, you know they’re making it up and are just out to try and reel in the vulnerable gamblers. Avoid at all costs.

What do their followers say? Do they have much genuine support? Are their followers actually getting behind them and supporting them? It’s a good test but always be aware that a lot of tipsters are very quick to find the block button should anyone question them. So although they are receiving good feedback, they might have some bad stuff going on that you can’t see.

Finally…. Don’t jump straight in. Even if it means giving them a follow for a week without actually placing the bets to see if they suit your style or if you fancy giving them a follow. I’m not saying all tipping account with a large following are like this, but unfortunately a large number of the ones I have come across seem to be poor. As always, if you want our opinion on a particular tipster, just drop us a message and we’ll get straight back to you.


What’s On?

Horse Racing 

Afternoon Meetings at Cartmel, Huntingdon, Leicester, Windsor and Redcar

Evening meeting at Ballinrobe


The league two playoff final takes place today between AFC Wimbledon and Plymouth at Wembley. Kick off it at 15:00

International friendlies: Sweden take on Slovenia and France are playing Cameroon.


Day 4 of England vs Sri Lanka continues. England find themselves yet again on the front foot against a struggling Sri Lanka side.


The French Open continues today with rain forecasted that could potentially affect the days play.


Good luck to you all with whatever you are betting on!

All the best,