Morning all, shame to be back at work again today after a long weekend, but nonetheless, here’s what we will be looking at in today’s Tipster Brief!

  • SPOTLIGHT ON – Things To Consider Before Following an In-Play Tipster
  • What’s on?

SPOTLIGHT ON – Things to Consider Before Following an In-Play Tipster

In-Plays seem to have grown in popularity over the past few years. They allow you to win quickly, get paid quickly and you can find bets to place pretty much 24/7. The fast nature is what people seem to like and therefore in-play tipsters are in high demand. So we are focusing today on points you need to consider before you give an in-play tipster a follow, or even your money to join their VIP page.

First things first, we’re assuming here that this is a good in-play tipster that you have found. They track their results and have proven to be profitable. But the most important thing is not to dive straight in and join their VIP group. It could be a terrible decision if you don’t consider the following:

Are you able to get on every single one of their bets? This is so important. They are profitable over ALL of their bets placed. Therefore if you can only get on a few throughout the day, you really are running the risk of either only picking the losers, or, not getting on enough winners to make you money. If you work during the day and don’t always have access to your phone or computer, they probably won’t be for you, as getting on all of their bets will be unrealistic.

Are you happy to spend your days staring at your phone? Again, this is something genuine to consider. For a huge number of in-play tipsters who tip throughout the day, you have to be able to have your phone with you at all times to be ready to quickly jump on bets before it’s too late. With in-play bets you have to get on immediately, otherwise either the prices will change or the market will not longer be available.

Do you feel comfortable backing at short prices? With the huge majority of in-play tipsters, if you are following them you will be betting on selections at prices such as 1/2 and sometimes even shorter. Some people are happy to do this as you’re likely to have a higher strike rate. Others not. Make sure you are happy to be backing at these prices and of course have the sufficient bankroll to withstand any potential losing runs.

They won’t win you money everyday: This should be the mindset to go into with every tipster. If you join and they don’t make you money after day 1. It’s not a reason to be completely put off. If, however after a couple of months you are still losing, that’s when it’s time to be concerned!

With all the above points considered, if you are happy with what you see and feel you can answer all of the questions as yes, by all means take the plunge and see how you find it!

With that done, let’s see what sporting action we have got to enjoy today!

What’s On 

Horse Racing

Afternoon meetings from Leicester, Redcar and Towcester

Evening meeting on the all weather from Lingfield and Wolverhampton


A few more international friendlies to get stuck into. Nothing particularly sticks out but the main game would be Republic of Ireland vs Belarus


The French Open continues t0day. There was no play yesterday so there are some games to catch up on.
Andy Murray will be taking on Richard Gasquet which should prove to be a very close game and an interesting one to watch


A slightly shorter edition than normal, nonetheless I hope you enjoyed reading. Thank you for stopping by!

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