Doesn’t it feel like a long time since we have done the Tipster brief? I’m glad to be back with them to give you your weekly updates in the tipping world!

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this week’s edition:

  • Changes to our review criteria
  • Upcoming Reviews
  • Do we amend reviews if a tipster stops performing?

Let’s crack on!

Changes to our Review Criteria

Ever since we started at Casual Gambler, anyone and everyone could get a review. Going from in-play bettors, to pre-match accumulator tipsters. This left us with a lot of work, and a handful of tipsters who for the average man, were completely impossible and unrealistic to follow.

As a result of this, we are looking into setting up some criteria that need to be met before we are able to review a tipster.


We would love to able to review everyone, there are thousands of tipsters out there, both good and bad, who deserve a review for one reason or another. However, we want our reviews to be catered to our followers. We want the most professional and the most trustworthy tipsters out there to be reviewed. Tipsters who we are happy for our followers to invest their hard earned money into, or to back them with complete confidence day in, day out.

Just so you have an idea of what we are looking to do, I’ll run over what would potentially rule a tipster out of being able to receive a review, with a brief explanation of why we have done this.

  • If a tipster is posting 20+ tips per day – Risking such a large percentage of your bankroll each day really can cause chaos. It’s not a strong betting strategy and for us, is not at all beneficial for the punter.
  • In-play betting  – Despite being extremely popular, in-play bets are very, very hard for us to track with complete accuracy. If a tipster posts an in-play bet at advised odds of say, 1.90, unless one of us is on the phone straight away, there’s no way for us to verify that these odds are accurate. This could mean misleading profit/loss statistics, which is the last thing we want to be posting.

There will likely be a few more points that we will be adding in the near future, however, an article will be coming with it to clarify.

Keep your eyes peeled, and let us know your thoughts on these changes!

Upcoming Reviews

Always a popular one, who will we be reviewing next?

Check out a handful of names below who are nearing the end of their review period with us:

There are plenty more in the pipeline, but as always, if you have a tipster you would like us to review, drop us a message using the link below and they can be added to our waiting list!

Request a Tipster

Do we Amend Reviews if a Tipster stops Performing?

In short, yes.

We’ve updated reviews before if a tipster stops hitting the results they are capable of or if they start changing things up for the worse. For us, it’s important to continue monitoring tipsters after the review, as we understand that things can change. For example, a tipster may become complacent and put in less work into their research.

Take a look at the review below where you can see a time when we had to update a review.

@FootballTipstrr Review

For this, during and before the review period, the tipster was hitting some really nice results and was performing consistently, achieving a very respectable score of 8.2 from us.

Things then started to change.

He hit a poor patch of form (Happens to everyone), however, he dealt with it very badly. We saw him start to chase losses by placing big odds accumulators with a maximum stake, and, naturally, the results when downhill very fast.

When we spotted this we immediately updated the review so everyone was aware what was happening, and we will continue to do this where we see fit.

Please Note: If a tipster we have reviewed has a bad week or even month, it doesn’t mean we will update the review straight away. Regardless of how good a betting strategy is, there will be times when losses occur. If we see some bad habits creeping in that almost certainly will affect long-term profitability, that’s when we will start to make some changes to a review.

Anyone you feel needs an updated review? Feel free to let us know!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of The Tipster Brief. I’m very excited to continue publishing these, adding new points each week.

If there are any topics you would like discussed in next week’s Tipster Brief, don’t hesitate to drop me a message and I’ll be sure to include it.

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Have a great weekend!

Casual Gambler.