BetSmasherVIP is a Twitter based in-play tipster who is similar to alot of tipsters who we are seeing on Twitter at the moment. He has both a free page and a membership page. He posts tips on both of them, however there are quite a considerable amount more on the premium page as expected. Here’s how he got on for the week.


  • Since I started the review, BetSmasherVIP has made a loss of £64
  • ROI = -4.1%

A bad Saturday definitely cost this tipster, who was running well before it. It’s worth noting that I only followed the tips from the VIP page, InPlayPremium, none of them are from the free page. If you are looking to join the VIP page, it will cost you £20 for lifetime access to the VIP page. He runs a staking system which gives 3 levels based on his confidence, these represented by a star at the beginning of each tip. Here is how I staked it for the week:

1 Star = £10

2 Star = £20

3 Star = £30

Nice and simple! So what can you expect from thebetsmasher if you decide to join. As mentioned previously it is much like the tipster who has become very common, and very popular with Twitter. The odds backed are very very short, and are mainly on bets such as, next team to score, race to corners, team to win etc. So as you will know to make a profit you will have to have a very high strike rate, otherwise backing at odds of 1/2 just aren’t going to cut it.

Here’s what I will say, I personally am not a fan of in play betting and would never do it myself, however I understand that this is very popular, and BetSmasher does have a good following of people who seem to enjoy this type of betting. So if this is what you like to do, then he is definitely worth a look at. He was over £200 in profit until Saturday, which unfortunately was a big losing day, so this of course had a big impact on the statistics!

Final Verdict

All round as far as in-play tipsters go I would say he isn’t bad. I’m sure the majority of bets are placed based on the in-play statistics, so I always think if you want to go in-play, just check these and you can get a very rough idea of how the game is playing. I would really recommend if you are looking forward to an in-play tipster, to have a follow of his free page and follow them bets. If he makes you £20 profit and you like what you’re seeing, then by all means pay and join the other 307 VIP members. This might seem obvious, but another really important point if you are considering joining, is that you need to be near your phone/laptop for pretty much the whole day, as you don’t have much time to get on the odds before they change. So if throughout the day you don’t have the opportunity, then it won’t be for you!

CasualGambler Rating – 5