Today we are bringing you a tipster who has been requested on many different occasions. This tipster is a premium horse racing tipster who posts tips to both his ‘VIP’ page and also a telegram chat.

Let’s jump straight in there and look at the results

Results for June:

  • £1285.00 Staked
  • £248.54 Loss
  • 19.30% ROI

Not the best results at all, going right against their claim of averaging £912 per month from £10 stakes.

These results were obtained using

  • £20 For each NAP (As Recommended on the page)
  • £15 for NB
  • £10 For the rest, unless stated otherwise
  • £5 EW on each way bets

All of these results were taken from the VIP page which costs £20 for lifetime membership.

As you can see, these results are far from impressive and are not what you would want to see if investing your money into a premium tipster. It is also worth mentioning that these tips did not include those for Royal Ascot, as they created a separate package for this, even charging existing members again to buy in.

So then, what did we find out?


There is no doubt that they heavily rely on backing favourites for their tips. Although there is the occasional long shot, or odds above 4/1, you won’t find many of them. My assumption would be that they are aiming for a high strike rate rather than genuine profit, most people will know that unless you are a VERY good judge of the horses, it’s almost impossible to profit long term from backing favourites, which is shown quite clearly here. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with betting on the favourite, but the main thing is that you consider it to be good value.

You can also expect to be backing two favourites and putting them into a double. This is very common for quite a few tipsters, they are under the assumption that because they’re both favourites and the odds are now higher that it is a good way to bet. This strategy has never worked and it still doesn’t. I saw far too many of these for my liking and the results prove that this does not work and that you shouldn’t be doing it, simple as!

The next point I would like to discuss, is selling the separate package for the big meetings. Now this is only a personal opinion and others may disagree, but I wasn’t a huge fan of this when I saw it. Existing members who have already paid for lifetime membership are then asked to pay again in order to get the tips for Ascot. I’m almost certain when people joined the VIP page, they weren’t made aware that lifetime membership doesn’t cover every tip! Unfortunately I did not see these tips, so I am not sure how they went and my opinion would not be valid.

I also noticed there is some sly deception going on when trying to promote the VIP. Again, completely common for the tipster who essentially, is trying to trick people into to paying for their premium service, although it isn’t actually profitable. I can easily point out some instances of the deception below.

  1. Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 22.22.30

The NAPS over June showed a loss of £32.95


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 22.29.36Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 22.31.51

So, as you can see here. They have claimed 16/1 and 14/1 placed, when quite clearly they have been tipped at 14/1 and 12/1. There can’t even really be a claim of BOG. I had a check, and although Athletic DID go off at 16/1, Heartstrong went off at 8/1. So nowhere near the 14/1 claimed. Although this might not seem like much, it is blatant lying and far from being transparent like a tipster, especially a premium tipster, should be.

Points To Improve on

We’re not just here to find out the bad tipsters and leave it at that, there’s always room for improvement and here’s what think could help out this tipster in particular.

  • Avoid Multiples – Although a 7/1 treble was landed, they did not prove profitable and it’s so rare that they are in the long run. Although they are good to boast about should they come in, they won’t help out your profit/loss over a sustained period
  • Be transparent – It’s pretty simple, just be honest. I understand that this might cause a lack of signups, but I know 100% that people appreciate transparency, even if it’s just holding your hands up saying it was a bad day.
  • Look for VALUE – Although value is almost entirely subjective and you could be doing it, work on trying to extract value from your selections. A hard part about betting is grasping the concept that you’re not always backing the selection that you think will actually win, rather, one that you feel is a good price.

Final Verdict

All in all, unfortunately there are more negatives than positives to be taken here. There is a lot of room for improvement and I hope this is enough of a reason for this particular tipster to go for it. I would especially like to see more honesty, although a lot of people may not notice the small exaggerations like above, I kept a close eye out for it and I’m certain it’s not what potential followers would like to see. I couldn’t at this stage recommend for anyone to pay for these tips. They aren’t good enough and haven’t shown enough potential to profit long term. To me the betting strategies seem flawed and they need working on.

Here’s how we will be scoring them.

ROI – A not so impressive -19.30% ROI for the month. It could be much better, but it also could be worse. So that reason this will be given a score of 4.

Value For Money – Arguably quite a subjective factor here. But from what I have seen, especially after a losing month it isn’t worth anyones money to be paying for these tips. Again, I have seen worse so it won’t be getting the lowest score. But for this it is a 3.

Professionalism – They don’t fall too much on this. A telegram chat set up for the members isn’t a bad idea and as far as I am aware they are reasonably quick to get to questions. That being said, there naturally are a few points to improve on in this area, which is why I will score this as a 6.

Long Term Profitability – As I mentioned, I do feel as though their betting strategies are flawed and have never been proven to show profit in the long run. I’m certain there will be days/weeks where they do make money, because favourites do win, however if we’re looking at this over a period, say a year, I wouldn’t expect them to be showing positive figures. Therefore it’s a 5.

Transparency – Not enough of this for me and it definitely needs improving. Quick to shout about a winner in the free page, sometimes with incorrect odds. This get’s a 2.

Overall Score = 4