The Greyhound Tip does what it says on the tin, and a bit more. The main focus of the page, especially the subscription part of it is to bet on the Greyhounds. I was happy to see this personally, as greyhound tipsters are quite few and far between on Twitter (In comparison to football/horse racing), so it was nice to have something else to focus on. The paid tips consist of 1 NAP, 1 NB and a double. The double will be both of these together. So, let’s have a look at the profit/loss situation.


  • Since I started reviewing the membership based tips are at -16.75 Points.
  • The free tips have lost £67.50. Please not there was not always a stake available for the free tips. When no stake was available, I calculated these from a £10 stake

Although there is a loss here for this week. In my opinion we don’t have to be too concerned. We may have caught a bad week and just got unlucky. As everyone knows it’s impossible to make profit every single week.

The points system is something that I like to see, and it is included for the paid tips. The NAP is a 5 point bet, NB 4 points and 2 point on the double. So as you can see if neither of the horses win, 11 points are gone already, which is why a 16.75 point lost is no major disaster. It is also good to see a write upcoming with the majority of greyhound tips. For me it shows that care and research have gone into the bets, and providing the research is good enough, this will normally lead to a long term profit.

A quick mention on the free bets. They are posted on TheGreyhoundTips twitter page, and they mainly consist of roller bets, or free greyhound picks as well. The mix between free tips and paid tips is a good one in my opinion. There aren’t too many free tips to make the membership pointless. There are many different memberships that you can take out, the costs are between £10-£50, depending on how long you are looking to join for, however he often posts up membership offers on his Twitter, so that is worth keeping an eye on.

Final Verdict

I would recommend starting off by following the Twitter page, and to see if you like what he is doing. You will definitely have plenty of free bets to get your teeth into, and this would be a good starting point. I couldn’t tell you for definite yet whether you should 100% join or not, but I am certain it is an honest page, and there is effort that goes into the picks. This is good to see, and if you visit his website, you will see that he is running at an overall ROI of 62.77%. With all things considered, the Greyhound tip has achieved an overall rating of 6.