We’ve had many people requesting a good, free, horse racing tipster. After searching around, I believe we have found one!

The tipster we’ll be reviewing is @TheMictorious. I’m sure many of you have come across him on Twitter before, however, for those who haven’t, I’m hoping this review will provide a solid insight to the self-proclaimed sports fanatic!

Mick posts all of his tips on his website MickDoonanRacing.wordpress.com, they are usually posted the day before each event starts, giving plenty of time to get on. It’s a nice simple layout, with nothing but tips, write-ups and a summary of results. With that in mind, let’s have a look at the results he has posted over the past few months.

Results For June:

ROI: 78.6%

Profit: +33.75 Units

Total Staked: 124 Units

We also have some statistics for previous months, which is always worth keeping an eye on so you can get a rough idea of profitability over an extended period, which is crucial.

January: -4.75

February: +49.375

March: +37.7


May: +3.25

As far as horse racing tipsters go, we’re looking at some great statistics there. To put it simply, if you were backing at £10 per point, you would be £830.75 up for 2017. You might get bored of this part, but I’ll always look to discuss it. That is, what bankroll should you have in order to follow Mick with a solid staking plan? We’ll break it down further.

Mick tips from anywhere between 1-5 points, which makes it nice and easy. Your best bet is to make each unit a % of your bankroll. With a staking plan like this, you should make each unit 1%. So for example, if he were to tip a 5 unit bet, you would put 5% of your bankroll on it. You can really use any sized bankroll you want, just make sure you stick to a solid bankroll management strategy and you won’t go bust when variance plays its part.

What To Expect

To be honest, it’s a very nice and simple setup. The tips are posted on the website, they each come with a write-up and a suggested unit stake. The write ups are clear and to the point. I know I’m not the only one who likes to see a write up with tips, for one it takes out the potential of the tipster being a blind guesser, which is always nice. It’s good to see Mick’s passion for the sport, which clearly shows.

Final Verdict

He’s a solid tipster who posts results that some paid tipsters could only dream of having. He’s fully transparent, posting only the best odds and where you can get them from. Often, he will also post a tip at BOG, so make sure you have accounts with bookmakers who occasionally have this available. I would recommend giving him a follow, the fact is, it won’t do anything bad for your betting. From my experience, if you have any questions regarding his service or even a particular race, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you asking.


Results – An 83.75 unit profit in 2017 is very impressive, and one that’s not easy to sustain over a long period. I have complete faith that the good results will continue, as I have seen him come out of a tough losing run to get back to the profit. For me, I think the results/ROI are worthy of a 9.

Professionalism – This isn’t as important as it would be for a VIP page, however, there aren’t any problems as far as we’re concerned with Mick’s page. He runs the blog almost like a business, with tips being posted on time and a clear vision of a profitable service and backing value selections. As far as the Twitter goes, there are personal opinions posted on the odd occasion, but this is no problem for me. We’re here for the horses after all! This one gets a 7.

Long term Profitability – The way things are going at the moment, it’s hard to see how Mick won’t be profitable over a sustained period. He’s bounced back from a losing run before, and the reliable staking plan always helps. This is therefore given a score of 9.

Transparency – All results are tracked and posted on the website, with R4s included, the only way this could get more transparent is by using a third party tracking software. I understand these are not for everyone, however, so I won’t be holding anything against him. This gets another 9.

Overall Score = 8.5

A strong score for a strong tipster. I highly recommend you give him a follow, and of course, let me know any experiences you have had with Mick’s service!

I hope you enjoyed this review, we will be back again in not long at all with another!

All the best,