Unfortunately TheTippingKing1 has had a very bad week, however there are some positives that we can take from it, and I am not ruling the Tipster out as a bad Tipster or anything like that. Horse Racing can do this to you, and it is something that every gambler will go through at some point in their career. I am sure he will be reviewing his selections and might start approaching the tips differently, regardless, I hope there will be a bounce back.


  • Since I started reviewing, TheTippingKing1 has made a -45.25 loss

As mentioned, the stats this week aren’t looking good, and thankfully the Tipster himself has completely opened up to it and is not looking to hide anything, which in a strange way is promising.

Let’s have a look at the prices for membership with TheTippingKing

1 month – £10

3 months – £25

1 year – £80

Lifetime – £200

Majority of the time the tips come with a detailed write up explaining why each selection has been made. As most of you have gathered now I really like to see this. I looked at all the information correctly, and there were no problems there, everything was correct and nothing made up, as silly as that sounds. The selections were all at a good price and I can see where the value was taken from. Thankfully he is not a religious favourite backer, which almost justifies a charge in itself!

Taken from the website, he is running at a total profit of +512pts, which is very decent and I don’t disbelieve this at all. I know that there will be weeks where there a big, high priced winners, and a lot of these are listed on the website which is well worth checking out. If you want to visit it, the website is http://www.the-tipping-king.co.uk.

Final Verdict

So as I said, it seemed as though I picked a bad week to be reviewing TheTippingKing! For now, really I can’t justify fully recommending everyone to go out and buy the subscription, however I would say it would be an idea to give him a follow and keep an eye out. Like I said, I am sure he will bounce back, and with the overall profits there is no reason to doubt this. He seems also to focus on transparency, so by following the Twitter page you should be able to see when he is landing some winning bets. We’re giving out another rating of 6 for today, fingers crossed this can improve over time.

I hope to review this tipster again in the near future, as I genuinely feel there is so much potential there. I would love to see a winning week, and I’m sure one will be coming soon!