Tinytipper is a Twitter based tipster who has two accounts, one which is free and another ‘VIP’ page for members. The tips are only posted on the VIP page, and to join will cost you £10 per month. Tinytipper approached me to be reviewed which is always good to see, here’s how he got on.


  • Since I started the review, tinyviptips has made a profit of £179.43

So as you can see not a bad effort over a week’s worth of tips at all, in fact it was a very good one! The tips themselves do not come with any kind of staking plan or points system, so I have simply used a £10 stake per tip, unless stated otherwise. For the selections that were tipped as lower stakes I used £5 instead.

The main focus of these tips is betting on football and the horses, which no doubt all of us love to have a flutter on! The horse tips are posted on BetRef, and the occasional one will be posted on the Twitter page so if you keep an eye out and have the notifications turned on you will have the opportunity to get on these near to race time. The horses has been the most profitable this week, with the best day showing a nice profit of £134.70. The football tips in general are posted a few hours before the games kick off so there is always plenty of time to get on these selections. They are quite structured and will consist of ‘banker’ bets, trebles and then normally more of a longshot which on average will be given at odds of around 17/1. The longshot bets have been the least profitable this week, however at these high odds it is almost expected.

As the tips are provided for £10 a month, it is worth knowing what kind of bankroll you will need to have to make sure joining is worth it. With the sort of tips that are provided, being mainly shorter prices on the horses and reasonably priced football bets, you will want to be able to go in there and back the selections with around a £10 stake per bet. If you have a large enough bankroll to do this, then from what I have seen it is well worth joining. Also if he can keep up this kind of strike rate then £5 a go would be fine as well! He clearly does know his stuff, especially it seems when it comes to the horse racing. Although today (Sunday) was a losing day, he still ended well up overall on the horses. As an area for improvement for tinyviptips, I think it would help to give an idea on stakes for each bet, maybe a points system? This will for me be the icing on the cake!

Final Verdict

I really enjoyed following these tips and there is no doubt he has done an excellent job. Thankfully he is not an affiliate for any bookmaker, and all of the tips come across as honest and trustworthy. I think that he puts a good amount of work in and clearly cares a lot. The £10 a month fee seems fair for the profit that has been made, and I hope it stays at this. He has had a fantastic week and as mentioned the majority has come from the racing. If you’re willing to spend out the money for the tips then I can’t put you off giving him a go with profit/loss stats like these. I will be interested to see where tinytips goes from here, he currently has 13 people on his VIP page and I think it deserves more in comparison to some of the bigger tipsters who firstly lose, and secondly charge a lot more! A well-deserved rating of 6.