Moving onto week 14 of our tipster reviews, we’ve had a great week seeing the introduction of our new forum. It’s great to see everyone getting involved and having their say in the Casual Gambler community. If you haven’t already, please go ahead and sign up, it’s very much appreciated.

We’ve got a new tipster who haa been reviewed this week, one paid tipster and another free. I know they will be of interest to a lot of people. Here’s who we’re looking at:


TippingHQ is a Twitter based tipping account that focuses on football. The majority of bets posted are ‘rollers’ mainly starting from £25 and trying to build it up to the standard £100 mark. They also post accumulators and extremely short priced in play bets to get involved in. Here’s how they got on this week:

Since I started reviewing, TippingHQ made a loss of £88
ROI -42%

A poor week, but one that came as no surprise to me at all. I can safely say now that I have been doing this long enough to notice that these tipsters are so so rarely profitable. As mentioned they rely on very short priced in play bets to carry on. There is clearly no consideration for value and no staking plan comes with the tips either. The staking plan is of course not a necessity by any means, but I always think some kind of plan provides a solid foundation for the followers.

TippingHQ is an affiliate tipster, posting the affiliate links as often as possible trying to get you to click. Similarly to AndyRobson who was reviewed last week, they try to say that to join ‘You must have a Bet365 account’. Something that is really frustrating to me and I know that a lot of people feel the same. Even if you’re a bad tipster, which this guy is, you could at least be honest to your followers, this is an intentionally misleading claim in an attempt to make profits from their losing tips.

There was a particular moment when I was reviewing them that for me proved the lack of skill that this tipster has. A 65/1 accumulator was posted, that’s not even the bad part. One of the selections in the accumulator was Man City to beat Newcastle at 1.22. One of his followers quite rightly questioned this saying “the City game clearly isn’t research/form is it”. The response from TippingHQ gave the results from the last 19 games between these two teams. City has won 15, drawn 3 and lost 1.

Now of course this tip won, but there are a few issues I have. Firstly, this research in my opinion is a complete waste of time. Why look at the last 19 games between each team, what’s the result from 5 years ago got to do with this week? The whole dynamic of both teams will have changed completely! New managers, new players, pretty much new everything. So I think this is irrelevant. My next point is that is just a case of common sense. Do you even need to do any kind of research to say that City should beat Newcastle at home? Of course you don’t. Even if you didn’t know a thing about football, you would only have to look at the odds of 1.22 to realise it should be an easy win. If you are going to research, spending 2 minutes on BBC Sport to see the last 19 games between the two just isn’t going to cut it.

Now the majority of the losses came from the rolling bets anyway. There is no change at all from the huge number of tipsters who do these. You can expect very short odds betting on strange markets in strange leagues. They actually managed to complete one of the challenges turning £25 into £100, which is good proof that these bets are just not profitable as the week was an overall loss. I would say if you want to find a good way to turn £25 into £100, your best shout is to research some horses and find yourself a nice 3/1 shot. This would give you the same outcome and won’t require 4 bets to get to it, which is a huge number all things considered.

Final Verdict

I just can’t think there is true hard work going into these tips. They are all -EV bets and the results really have shown this. The main purpose of the account is to have people lose money who have clicked his affiliate links, which is exactly why he is free. The bets posted are just silly accumulators and very short priced rolling bets. There is no thought for value whatsoever and I can assure you money will not be made in the long run following these bets. I’m trying to find a way not to rate another 1, but I honestly can’t. He claims to have won 26 £20-£500 in a row. Maybe he has got a hell of a lot worse since then or it could just be a big lie. My guess is the latter.

CasualGambler Rating – 1


That then gets us to the end of week 14 of our tipster reviews. As always I’ve very much enjoyed it and am already looking forward to next weeks! We will have two new tipsters for you next week, one who we have received a lot of requests for. So keep your eye out next week!