This page is used to help you know which tipsters we think should be avoided. There are thousands of tipsters out there and filtering through the good from the bad isn’t always easy, which is where we come in! Since doing this we have seen some huge claims from tipsters, the majority of these turn out to be lies as they do not have any proof to back them up. Naturally, if we come across these the tipster will be put straight onto the blacklist. If there are any tipsters you feel should be added to the blacklist, please do get in touch so we can check them out.

@footballacca – footballacca claim to have a team of football betting experts to help you stay one step ahead of the bookies. This however couldn’t be much further from the truth. They charge £9.99 a year and post huge losses, all of their statistics are tracked by @Veritatem_FA_ so if you want to you can see for yourself. You will almost certainly lose all of your money if you decide to follow these.

@SpankTheBookies – They have some outrageous claims that I have seen no proof of. Supposedly they have a team of football, horse racing and golf tipsters to come up with their tips. Yet these experts still manage to consistently tip the favourite and stick it in a double/treble. They make false claims about their P/L and become very defensive when challenged.

@AndyRobsonTips – Andy’s intentions are clear, he will do everything he can to get you to click his affiliate links. All of the tips are roller bets and he has recently lost 19 of them in a row resulting in huge losses for his followers. There is no sign of any kind of research and he will block you immediately if he is challenged.

@TippingHQ – Another tipster who had no success in tipping rolling bets all of which at extremely short prices. To follow this he has now decided to create a premium account and charge for his tips. This really cannot be justified.

@footballtips – Another tipster whose only interest is to get you to click their affiliate links. Expect one with every tweet and be prepared to be flooded with links if you decide to check out their website.

@GetYourTipsOut – GYTO gives the perfect example of how to not back horses profitably. He will tip in almost every race possible and subsequently makes huge losses on a daily basis. There is no sign of an accurate P/L record, just the occasional exaggerated boom when the favourite comes in.

@FootyAccums – I feel generous even calling these people tipsters. They will post stupid bets with little or no chance of coming in. Trying to find tips amongst the affiliate links is the challenge. We were blocked by these when we hadn’t even interacted with them at all. Very suspicious.