** UPDATE **

Since we wrote this review, Tennis Tipster has been working hard to improve these results and remain consistently in the green. We have been tracking him for the last 4 months and have seen a great turnaround in results, with the tipster proving that he is in this for the long run to make profits over a sustained period. I’m delighted to see that the hard work has paid off and we have a new set of results for you, which are as follows.



109.86 Units Profit

15.68% Yield

With these strong results above, there has also been a decrease in price which was one of the bigger negatives in our review. Where it used to be £19.99 a month, you can now purchase the monthly tips for £9.99 a month. A much better price and with the impressive results in mind, one that does prove to be good value.

Bearing in mind this is over 6 months, we can get a good idea of what sort of bankroll you would want in order to be following this tipster profitably and making it worthwhile. We’ll start off simply by theoretically following the tipster using £10 per unit. If you were following for the 6 month period, you would be a very healthy £1038.60 in profit, with the membership fee deducted. So now it’s time to assess personally whether this is an amount you’re happy with. If so, you will want a bankroll of at least £400. You can then raise the stakes alongside the bankroll if yours is higher.

It’s important to remember that you are in this as a long term investment. From what I have seen from this tipster especially, the real focus is to provide regular, quality and well researched tips. Rather than trying to make fast money with high risk.

I’m really glad to have seen this change from Tennis Tipster. I was asked to keep an eye out on him to watch the progression, and so he could prove to everyone that he is worth a higher rating, and I feel as though he has got the bull by the horns and made his service good value.

With all of the above in mind, I would like to update our scores. We haven’t reviewed many tennis tipsters on our site, but this one is right up there getting near the one who is perched at the top. I hope to see these results continue, I’m sure the tipster is working hard for this so I am sure that the quality will remain. We have seen an extra 2.7 points added onto the previous score, bringing the final score up to a very impressive 8.7.

I certainly would recommend you at least checking him out to see if the service is well suited to you.

Updated Score = 8.7




Today we find ourselves posting a review of a service slightly different to what we normally do. You may or may not have come across these before, but Tipsters Got Talent is a place that brings together who they consider to be top tipsters all into one place. It makes both following and tracking tips much easier. You will receive the tips via email, or they can be checked when you login on their website.  The website is still relatively small but I expect considerable growth over the coming year.

They have a variety of different tipsters available on the site that you can join, alongside the occasional free tip that is sent to your email. One thing I did notice was the exceptional customer service provided by Tipsters Got Talent. I was regularly contacted to make sure I was receiving the tips via email and they were always on standby for any questions. I was assured that this is how they would treat any of their customers, and not just us because we are doing the review!

If you fancy checking out the website for yourself, it can be found at tipstersgottalent.com

We reviewed an individual tipster on the tipsters got talent site, who comes under the name ‘Tennis Tipster.’ As you would expect this tipster is betting on the tennis, covering a variety of different markets. Let’s see how they got on:

April Results:

Profit/Loss: 21.44 Unit LOSS

ROI: -23.43%

Number of Tips: 46

Not the best month for Tennis Tipster unfortunately. Although there a few negatives there are certainly some positives we can take from this as well. Let’s crunch some numbers here and see what you can expect if you decide to give Tennis Tipster a follow.

What to Expect:

I always find that tennis is a good sport to bet on, frustrating at times but naturally it can be made very profitable. Here you will be betting over a variety of different markets using a structured staking plan. You can also expect full transparency where losses are not at all covered up and are shown clearly on the results. The site states that they can guarantee profit. Although I can see the angle they are coming from by extending the subscription until you reach your guaranteed profit, I think it can be a risky game to play saying this. Betting can be a volatile hobby and no matter how skilful the individual is, they are always capable of losing.


You can pay for the tipster service using 3 different options, which are:

1 Month Subscription: £19.99

3 Month Subscription: £53.97

6 Month Subscription: £101.94

Please note, they only charge if the service is profitable

Although initially this might seem quite pricey, it is actually very reasonable considering the service you are provided with for joining. However please make sure you have a bankroll that is sufficient enough to pay for this and also back the tips! It’s also worth noting that there is no discount going for the 3 month or 6 month subscription. So if you are considering joining it is probably worth giving the first month ago, then you can re assess the situation if need be.

General Points

As always there is more to the story than a month of tracking suggests. We always say that a bad month doesn’t define a tipster. He clearly is a very good tennis tipster and the history of results shows that. His total profit for Tipsters Got Talent is sitting at 10.87 units with an ROI of 3.34%. Although this immediately might not seem like much, if this can be retained over a sustained period it really isn’t a bad effort. Although overall 2016 has been a losing one for Tennis Tipster, he did show promise with winning months in March and May.

Final Verdict

Although it turned out to be a losing one, I have complete faith that Tennis Tipster will bounce back into profit. He still is in profit long term and swings like this happen. Although at this very moment in time it’s unlikely I would recommend going straight in and subscribing, there would be nothing wrong with keeping an eye out and seeing if he picks up a bit more form. If you want to get straight into the tips, as mentioned previously your best bet is to take them up on the 1 month subscription and then you can judge it from there. All in all we clearly are looking at a talented tipster here, it is always a shame when they can’t quite perform as well as they hope too when we are reviewing. Nonetheless we will be keeping an eye out to see if the good form can be hit again. For now, we are giving Tennis Tipster a solid and respectable rating of 6.