I thought it might be an idea to have a look at one of the bigger tipsters on Twitter. These have a huge following of over 80,000 people. They are part of FootyAccums and I have no doubt this is a factor that helped sky rocket them into popularity. They post daily tips and have selections for each race in pretty much every meeting. They had an absolute stonker of a week, after landing an EW double at a high price. This gave them huge profit, let’s check it out.


  • Since I started reviewing, TWEnclosure have made a £1180.55 profit

Like I said, there days were nothing special until the each way double landed. There singles placed on each race are actually pretty poor, and they definitely fall into the trap of backing the favourites. Something that a lot of the bigger tipsters can get away with, because it gives them a high strike rate and a lot to ‘boom’ in capital letters about. For anyone who is interested, if we were to remove the each way double winner from their bets, they would have lost £329.45 over the week. By all means I am not trying to put them down because they have had a fantastic week.

There is one problem that I have with them, and it’s quite a big one at that. All of their tips are free to everyone, and this comes because they are an affiliate with pretty much every bookmaker out there. If you are going to follow them, be prepared to have your timeline absolutely full of affiliate links, and silly questions like “Who wants a free £30 for today’s racing?” Of course trying to lure you in to click on the link and lose money so they can take a chunk of the bookies profits. It’s something that I don’t like to see, and unfortunately really gives off the impression that they don’t care about their selections, and there could even be a chance they are picked without any kind of research going into them.

Final Verdict

Realistically, although they have had a hugely profitable week, their tips aren’t hugely reliable and there is a chance you could be losing money very quickly if you follow every single one of their bets. They will give you double’s, treble’s and lucky 15’s to bet on, and of course many many tweets trying to get you to sign up through their affiliate links. If you are going to follow them, just try your best not to click the links, because they make money from what you lose, I would hate to give them that satisfaction!

All in all, fantastic week that I can’t argue too much about, but it seems as though they want to make more of a fuss of the bookies sign up offers, so I highly doubt they are backing their own selections. This therefore sees them with a rating of 4.