#UCLTipsterComp Review

A few months ago we decided to start another tipping competition due to the huge success of our previous one. This time we got together 32 tipsters to participate in a Champions League style tipping competition. It was great fun throughout which saw some good betting, some great betting and of course a few bad ones along the way! Eventually on top of all of this came our winner @b3tt0r who deserved it with his researched picks and thought out tactics. Two out of the top 3 tipsters have actually been reviewed previously and due to their impressive performances in the competition we have decided to adjust their scores slightly. Their reviews were both very out of date anyway and a lot seems to have changed on both accounts since. I will of course be giving a write up on the eventual winner!

3rd Place – @BettingDevil

When we first reviewed BettingDevil a while back, his main focus was on rolling bets and more fun bets than anything. By no means is there anything wrong with this, however we decided to give him a respectable score of 6. He has changed since and has taken a slightly different stance to his betting.

He now tips using a variety of different markets across a few different sports and finds success in all of them. He has also introduced a 5 star bet staking system for his followers so they can follow and stake easily. He does also carry on with the rollers alongside this which always prove to be popular.

I always had a feeling he was going to do well in the competition, he was keen to join from the start and clearly put a lot of focus and effort into getting as far as possible. Things weren’t easy from the outset as he joined a very difficult group early on, consisting of @AlmightyTips, @thegoodgambler and @SuprBettingBros. Nonetheless he managed to fight his way through finishing second in the group and making it through to the knockout stages.

From here he proved very difficult to beat for his opponents, only getting knocked out by the eventual winner @b3tt0r and winning his third place playoff.

For this and also for what we have seen on his page recently, we truly believe he deserves a rating of 8 from us to move him up our ranking table.

Great performance and very well done!

Runner up – @AlmightyTips

AlmightyTips was a very strong performer throughout the entire competition, making mouth-watering profits at each round and dominating his group stages. He was also part of the above group and managed to pull through despite some very tough competition. He then made no mistake in his knockout stages beating some highly rated opponents, such as @Stats_4_Footie.

His tips again were placed over different markets using different tactics. He was also another one who we have reviewed a long time ago. I certainly consider his review to be out of date, as now we are looking at a tipster with fantastic knowledge and an excellent platform for his tips. His website is brilliant and the tips do not disappoint either. All of this as well is for free! He was also marked as a 6 previously which to be honest is far too low. I’ve seen some great things from him over the past few weeks and he is well worth a follow. There is clearly a lot of time and effort that goes into choosing the tips and also making the experience as enjoyable as possible for his followers. It’s a big jump, but it’s well deserved and he has now been given a very solid 9 for all of his hard work.

Champion – @b3tt0r

The champion of our UCLTipsterComp fully deserved the title! He spent a lot of time considering the best way to combat his opponents and placed some fantastic bets along the way. His main tactic was to place a lot of bets using small stakes to build up the profit. This naturally makes him very difficult to beat as we very rarely saw him with losing days.

We haven’t actually done a review of @b3tt0r yet, however it is something we certainly are looking to do in the near future. It is another account who posts all of his tips for free on his Twitter page and it is well worth a follow. He does not focus on any specific leagues or markets, so be prepared for a variety of bets over a variety of leagues. This proved to be very successful and his main challenge came in the semi-finals vs @BettingDevil where he managed to land a bet at high odds to just about make it through to the final. It was an impressive pick there is no doubt there!

I certainly would recommend you to give @b3tt0r a follow, he is an understated and certainly under-utilised tipster. He fully deserves the title of CasualGambler’s UCLTipsterComp.

All in all, we really enjoyed running this competition. It was also good to interact with some different tipsters and people who enjoy this community. I’ve always liked getting an insight into the minds of different gamblers and this allowed it to happen. The whole competition was played in great spirit and we will certainly look to be hosting another one in the very near future.

Even if you weren’t directly involved in it, I hope you enjoyed following the competition and, as always, thank you for reading!