Here at CasualGambler we want to have a wide variety of tipsters covered. We realised that we didn’t have one single UFC/MMA tipster covered and felt it was time to fix that. Not only that but as we went looking for a UFC tipster to review, we found a couple of requests to review this tipster as people have been very impressed with his results. Introducing Rob Brown (@RobBrownMMA)!

Rob has been watching combat sports religiously for over 10 years so is very knowledgeable. He tells us he watches tape and researches every fighter on every event he bets on in order to find value in his bets. To go along with this he writes in-depth analysis and reasoning for each and every bet to show members that he knows what he’s talking about and isn’t just guessing. Rob tells us that his messages are always open for any questions. He promotes responsible gambling and uses a staking plan based on 1-5 units (1-5% of bankroll).

So on paper Rob looks like a great tipster to follow if you’re looking for a UFC tipster, but how do his results stack up? Let’s take a closer look.

@RobBrownMMA Review
As expected, the sport Rob specialises in is MMA. His tips for each event are accessed by purchasing a membership at Every tip is tracked on third-party MMA bet tracking website, so it’s impossbie for him to mislead or delete losses, and also through one of the most popular bet tracking websites Check out the link below to see his full betting record since he began publicly tracking his bets.

For this review I have also taken the results since January 2016 directly from Rob’s profile. We followed Rob’s tips personally for the month of April and here’s how we did.
13.33 units profit
72.03% ROI
Average odds:  2.60
A really impressive month no doubt but, as we all know, a good month of results does not make a good tipster. It’s all about being consistent and aiming to make a profit over the long term.
The graph below gives you an idea of Rob’s form, starting from January 2016.


It’s a very tidy looking profit graph and one you want to see when choosing to invest in a tipster. You can see that during his time with, Rob has been very consistent with 100 units profit overall (£5,000 pure profit with £50 stakes) with a very impressive ROI of 23.87%. Over this 16 month period he’s only had one significant losing month (June 2016).

What Can You Expect?
The majority of bets you’ll be backing are “straight” bets, which are just for a certain fighter to win a fight. The other two type of bets you’ll be backing are “prop” bets, which are mostly bets on how long a fight will go or the method of victory for a fighter and “parlay” bets, which are in Rob’s case just two-leg accumulators (doubles). The bets are posted on a “Current Premium Bets” page and are very easy to follow. Here’s an example of how a bet is posted:
UFC on FOX 24 – 15th April May

Ronaldo Souza vs Robert Whittaker – Robert Whittaker

Odds: +210 / 3.10 (Paddy Power)

Stake: 2 units (2% of bankroll)

Below every bet he posts an in-depth breakdown of his analysis of the fight and his reasoning behind why he thinks the bet will win. This is usually several paragraphs including things like why he thinks there’s value in the bet, how he thinks the fighter will win based on each fighter’s styles and past fights, the advantages the fighter holds over their opponent, the risk factors and so on. His analysis for each bet is really impressive and shows me that he clearly knows his stuff and puts the work in to find value rather than just guessing.

Final Verdict
Although my knowledge of MMA is limited, I was able to follow Rob’s bets very easily and more importantly, I made great profit with them. I love the fact he posts his reasoning for each bet and encourages a sensible staking plan for his members which follows great bankroll management. Although not necessary, having these bets on along with watching the fights really added to the enjoyment of reviewing Rob. Even if you don’t watch MMA, I think Rob’s bets are still a great investment. They’re easy to follow and no matter where you are, every bookmaker offers odds on MMA these days. I fully expect continued long term profit from this tipster.

ROI – 72.03% ROI for one month is very impressive, although there’s only one UFC event per week on average. This means the volume of bets will be low compared to other tipsters, which in my opinion is actually a good thing because placing the bets won’t take any time out of your day and you won’t miss any but still make great profit.  When looking at his results since January 2016 it is clear that the month I followed wasn’t just luck at all. He has maintained a ROI of 24% over 16 months and that is unheard of. This ROI gets a rating of 10; I find no way to fault him here.
Professionalism – I find it very hard to fault Rob on the service he provides. He is always on hand to answer any questions, has a very easy to use website, has email notifications when a tip is posted, and is completely transparent with his results. A 9.5 here as there’s always room to improve.
Long Term Profitability – Again, Rob has maintained a ROI of 24% over a 16 month period. I’d say a 5% ROI over that period is the target for most gamblers, so 24% is very impressive. His profit graph shows an upward curve with only one significant dip, meaning he only had one significant losing month out of 16. Obviously not every bet will win, at the end of the day you’re betting on men and women who are skilled fighters and it’s not always black and white when they’re in the cage. Shock results do and will happen. However, Rob’s knowledge and ability to find value is clear. At the time of writing he’s already made big profit and is well on his way to another great year, and I fully expect it to continue. An 8.5 here – only negative is there’s not a huge amount of data compared to other tipsters (190 bets).
Transparency – Rob’s results are tracked through a third-party MMA bet tracking website, meaning it’s impossible for him to mislead or delete losses, as well as for good measure. I can’t see a way this tipster can be more honest with his members and the public. Another 10 for me.
Overall Score = 9.5

We really did enjoying following Rob and are interested if anyone has any experience with this tipster. Let us know in the comments section below!
We really hope you enjoyed this review of our first UFC/MMA Tipster. It’s been an interesting one for me personally as I had no previous betting experience with MMA. We’ll be back again shortly with another tipster review, keep your eyes peeled!
All the best.
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