This week we thought we would cover a tipster who backs sports that maybe we’re not used to reviewing. In this case, as suggested in the title, the tipster is focusing on USA Sports.

We unfortunately do not have a huge amount of information on this tipster, only what we have found out through following them ourselves, however I feel as though I have come to a solid conclusion and have found another tipster who definitely can be added to the good section. The majority of his picks run overnight (If you live in the UK), so it’s a classic ‘waking up to a winner’ scenario.

Before we look too much further into this tipster, let’s take a look at the results.


1 Month Period 

  • 12.87% ROI
  • 157 Units Profit
  • 122 Tips
  • 57% win
  • Average odds of 1.94

3 Months 

  • 11.27% ROI
  • 287.5 Units Profit
  • 269 Tips
  • 55% Win
  • Average Odds 1.96

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 22.21.52

Some very good results, showing consistency and an ROI that is right up there. Any tipster who can sustain a return on investments of over 10% in the long run is very good. They have managed to do this so far over 3 months, so I certainly will be keeping an eye on them to see how they go even further into the year.

If you were to give them a follow, their pricing structure is as follows:


£11 Per week

£22 Per Month

The costing is reasonable, however you certainly would need a medium sized bankroll in order to follow these tips and make profit. As you have probably gathered, I try to stress the importance of comparing your bankroll to the fees of joining, which we will run over here to try and get an idea whether your personal bankroll suits this tipster.

What To Expect

USA Sport tips around 3-6 bets each day. All of these tips are placed using flat stakes, which he has used on Tipstrr as 10 units, which is the first point to keep in mind. We will look at the last month as the example to fit this in with individual bankrolls.

For the 1 month period, USAsport made 157 Units profit with a 12.87% ROI. If you were to be backing using £1 per point, which would be £10 per bet, then you would have finished the month making £135 net profit (£157 actual less the £22 joining fee). A decent month, however I understand this does not fit into everyones bankroll. If you were backing at £5 per point, you would have walked away with £67.50 at the end of the month. With variance taken into consideration, I would suggest this being the very minimum that you will back each selection with. Any lower and the profit will probably be too small over a sustained period to make the joining worthwhile.

With this in mind, you would want a bankroll of at least £250 (in my opinion) to be giving them a follow. You can then follow solid bankroll management, be able to pay the fee and still make a healthy profit most months at the end of it. With the average odds sitting at 1.96, I wouldn’t expect there to be huge swings like there usually are when backing at long odds, however it is still very important to use bankroll management, as no one is immune to big losing runs!

Final Verdict 

A solid, consistent tipster. Personally there’s not much I can say about the tips themselves as I have practically no knowledge around the baseball, basketball and ice hockey that this tipster focuses on. However the results really caught my eye and he does seem to have a good edge. The profits will be slow and steady, which is never a bad thing and as I briefly mentioned earlier it’s always nice to wake up and see the account balance topped up. The most important thing is to stay disciplined here. When you look over the results it can be easy to maybe stake a bit larger than usual, as this tipsters’ worst losing run was 5 bets losing in a row, which any gambler will know isn’t much! However I would never recommend this, as I said no bettor is immune to the occasional loser. I wouldn’t put anyone off following them, the costing in my eyes in reasonable and I expect people will be happy with the service as well.


ROI – A strong, consistent tipster who is boasting a very impressive 12.87% ROI. This can’t be moaned at, especially if it remains similar to this over, say, a 6 month period. For that reason we are scoring this a 9.

Professionalism – Arguably a point that could do with improving the most. The Twitter account doesn’t seem to be hugely active and there are no blog posts that can be read. I personally think it would improve the tipster overall if they were to interact a bit more with the followers. They have not done anything wrong, but as there is room for improvement this gets a 6.

Value For Money – The pricing isn’t huge in comparison to others who maybe don’t even have results like this. It does also cater for maybe the smaller stakes bettors, which is always a bonus. It still isn’t hugely cheap, which is why I will be scoring this an 8

Long Term Profitability – The graph has remained consistent and doesn’t look to be going anywhere else. It wouldn’t be right with the results we have to give it anything other than a 10!

Transparency – Can’t hide through Tipstrr, another easy 10.

Overall Score = 8.6

If you fancy giving them a join, you can take a look at their profile here: (Please Note: If you join them through the below link, we will receive a small fee – you can read more about this here )

If you have come across this tipster before, or any other tipster who specialises in the American sports, please let us know!

All the best,