You read it right, Casual Gambler have become affiliates.

However, not the affiliates that we have become more familiar with after running this page. Rather, we have partnered with to help us get fully verified results for our reviews.

How does this work?

So, you will notice now that on our Tipstrr reviews we will have a link directly to the tipsters page who we are reviewing. At the end of that link, you will see ref-a=casualg. This means that they are linked up to our account. So for everyone who joins them, we receive a small finders fee. Not too long ago we asked everyone how they would feel if we gave this a go and pretty much everyone said they would not see it as an issue.

How will this affect me?

In short, it won’t. We will still continue to review tipsters outside of Tipstrr as normal.

Why have we done this?

  1. So we can have immediate access to verified results from the tipsters who are on there. Tipstrr can provide us with a full history of results and stats that we would never put in the reviews before. All this can help us spot the good from the bad.
  2. To help cover costs. This is quite an expensive website to run, so it will really help us continue running it and improving for the future


  • This will not affect how we write reviews. They will continue to be our own opinion which will not change
  • We will not be pushing these particular reviews in your face to try and make money
  • We are still going to be trying to find the very best tipsters for you. It’s in our best interests to find the good ones. If you join through our link and they are rubbish, we won’t make a thing!
  • We don’t make any money from your losses, only your gain.

As per usual, we always welcome any feedback or questions you may have. I hope that everyone understands why we have decided to do this, and also the positive impact that it should have on the punter.

All the best