WedgeWinners are a Twitter based tipster page who mainly focus on betting on horse racing, and the occasional football double/accumulator. As with many Twitter tipsters, I expect the number of football tips will increase dramatically in a few weeks’ time when the football season begins, which is something I really look forward to. WedgeWinners claim a profit of 780.76 points for 2015. So let’s see how they got on this week.


  • Since I started my reviews last week, WedgeWinners have run at a loss of 82.75 Points

So, as you can see they have had a very poor week, one that they have held their hands up to, something that every tipster should do after a poor spell. Maybe we did catch them on a bad week, as they have shown they know what they’re doing in previous months when it comes to tipping. In all honesty, the setup of their daily tips would suggest that bad runs like this are likely, but if they have a good day, it will almost certainly be a big one!

It’s worth knowing what to expect if you decide to follow their tips. They have a very structured way with their horse racing, which in general will consist of a NAP, NB and IWAC. Following this they will post a daily double, Trixie’s Lucky 15’s and often Doubles x3. If we were to compare all of their selections, their NAP’s were the most successful. They did not produce the any incredible stats, however ever they have proven to be much more profitable than then rest. From what I have seen this week the multiple bets have not had much success unfortunately, but with horse racing, they are particularly hard to land as the odds are stacked up against you. From what I have gathered, there are a few people who post tips for them on their Twitter page, all most likely with a very keen interest in sports.

Final Verdict

Realistically there were not a ton of good points to pick out from the week when we followed WedgeTips. Although they have produced some impressive statistics on their profit/loss page, there is no guarantee that these are true. I cannot verify them and therefore will always naturally approach these hesitantly. With the statistics we found them to have over the week, it would be very hard for me to recommend following their tips. Again, I cannot really advise you one way or the other for definite, if you believe the statistics and just think they had an off week, by all means give them a go.

With everything in mind we feel a score of 4 is a very fair rating.