This question is arguably overshadowed by the more popular ‘signs of a bad tipster’ however as the majority of our followers are after the very best tipster, it’s an important one to look into. We have a huge waiting list of tipsters to be reviewed, so we can’t always get to ones in time who have been requested so you can see if you want to follow them or not, so this article can hopefully help you spot the good from the bad.

So then, what does it take to be a great tipster?

  1. Transparency – For a tipster to be right up there, transparency is huge. Keeping a profit/loss sheet with all your results is crucial, even better if they can be verified using a service such as tipstrr or Transparency gives potential followers a great idea of what to expect if they decide to give your service a go. They will join with realistic expectations and won’t be disappointed when the reality sinks in that bets do lose. Don’t be afraid to hold your hands up to bad days and bets. They happen, it is a part of gambling.
  2. Professionalism – Run your service like a business. Answer clients queries as quickly as you can and remain professional. No one likes to see the tipster swearing at a team when their bet loses. It is completely unprofessional and shows a lack of respect and a serious lack of understanding. Instead, focus on making the next bet a winner. People want to follow a service like this, one that is completely open and that gives the feeling that they matter. Your followers are everything, after all.
  3. Knowledge – Make sure you know your sport inside out. People are following you for your EXPERT opinion, make it that! If you only have a basic understanding of the game, don’t start tipping. You want to stand out from the rest, provide a write up with every tip to prove that you are the best. Followers want to know their money is going in good. Taking the shortcut and backing obvious selections each time will lead you down a road to failure.
  4. Results – An obvious point so I’ll keep it brief, but you need to be providing results for followers. Have you actually made profit over the past few years from your betting? Can you confirm that for sure or do you just think so? Ask all of your bookmakers for your total deposits/withdrawals, that will give you the answer. If you have proven to be profitable over a sustained period, you are a minority and your service will be valuable.
  5. Responsible Gambling – I can’t push this point out enough, I’m not just talking about a quick tweet saying make sure you gamble responsibly, but if you have a client looking to follow you who is quite clearly desperate for money, don’t just take the cash and watch them suffer. Make sure they understand that following you is no get rich quick scheme, make sure they are managing their bankroll correctly and aren’t lumping it all on your next bet in an attempt to get it back. Before they join, explain to them how you work and what staking plan you use. Advise what percentage of their bankroll they should use per unit of each bet. I know at the end of the day it is their decision, but I feel as a tipster who is providing financial advice, it is your responsibility to be on the look out for problem gamblers so you can point them in the right direction.


Want to be a Tipster? Ask Yourself This 

So you want to be a tipster, you’ve seen people making a few quid from throwing their bets out each day and that appeals to you. I mean, how hard can it be? Create a Twitter account, use Bet365’s in play stats and tip the next team to score who have had the most ‘dangerous attacks’ – Sound familiar? This is the way tipping accounts have gone, don’t fall into the trap by trying to get a ridiculous number of bets out per day so you have more to shout about. This is a bookies dream and the punters nightmare, plus, it’s a saturated market.

What do you ask yourself then? Firstly, what makes you better than the average punter? Are you better? Do you actually have an edge over the bookies? Have you ever had an account suspended?

Are you actually looking for value, or just picking the bet that will probably win? Could you price up a race or explain to me how handicapping works in horse racing? Do you know how to lay a bet? I’m going down the route of expertise again here. You need to be better than the punter who has a quick read of the sporting life preview and picks the horse from that. The main reason is because this is the way to make money from betting.

Tipping brings huge responsibility. Your followers have complete faith in you, they are willing to put down their own money on each of your suggestions. If you are using flawed strategies, followers will lose money.

How to Spot a Great Tipster

As I mentioned briefly earlier, anyone can look like they are some kind of betting God, but what makes the best stand out from the worst?

The very best tipsters will be completely open with you. Ask them a question and they’ll give you an honest answer. They can give you access to results at the click of a finger if you want them. They have shown consistency over a decent period of time and have proved that they have the ability to make you money if you were to invest your own.

You will also see happy followers. The people who do follow their bets will be more than happy to help promote them. They would only do this if they were making money from it.

I would also expect for the tipster to be able to give you solid reasoning behind each bet upon request. I don’t expect it to be posted with every tip, but if asked I see no reason why you shouldn’t be provided with a little paragraph. They will come across to you as an expert and to have a complete understanding of the sport they are betting on. This could also help you expand your own betting knowledge. Insights into the great betting minds are invaluable.

They will never go chasing their losses. I see this far too often for my liking. A tipster who has had a bad run then feels it a good time to start tipping even more to try and re-gain their losses from that day. Sometimes this will payoff, however when it doesn’t it is very costly. The more experienced bettor will just accept this and move on to the next day. There’s no need to rush anything in this game. The cliche ‘It’s a marathon not a sprint’ comes to mind.


So to answer the question titled. What does it take to be a great Tipster? In all honesty, there isn’t an easy answer that can be given. The best tipsters combine a number of different attitudes and disciplines to become well rounded and professional. There’s no easy way to become a great tipster. You have to find out what works for you and your followers and there is no substitute for hard work. There will be highs and lows and you need to be thick skinned. Even the best will face criticisms after bad losing runs, and how you react to these speaks volumes. Never stop studying and don’t become complacent. See how other experts come to make their decisions and see if this can be incorporated into your betting. This is how you will become the best. It is also how you will get that edge that we all dream of over the bookies.

Whether you’re a tipster or just someone who punts for fun, I hope this article has been of some help. As always, we are here for any questions you may have. Just drop us a message and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,